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Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white
Dress "TARA" in white

Dress "TARA" in white


Fabric mix.

Light jersey above and twill gabardine below

100% organic cotton // 0% elastane

Shrinkage by 3 - 5%

Emanuella is wearing here size S. She is 175cm tall and usually wears size S.

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Size guide
Dress "TARA" in white

Dress "TARA" in white



Construction / design

  • Casual fit
  • Midi-length
  • Round neckline
  • 2x2 ribbed neckline
  • Short sleeves
  • Small wrinkles in the hip seam
  • Tonal seams and stitches
  • Tonal logo embroidery
  • No pockets, because you would see the lining through


Make sure that the product actually fits you, because returns are environmentally harmful, time-consuming and expensive. So take a look at our measurement chart here!







Supply chain / material

Material mix

At the top: Light jersey/100% organic cotton

At the bottom: Twill-gabardine/100% organic cotton

The material is soft and skin-friendly

Our high-quality fabrics are made from natural raw materials.

We have consciously decided against elastane to avoid microplasti.

Our producer obtains the cotton exclusively regionally from the west of Turkey.

The cotton fields are very close to the company site.





Production includes all costs for the product itself; sourcing, material, prototypes, labeling, manufacturing of the product and all ingredients.

Logistics and packaging

This includes storage costs and packaging, plus transport costs for the goods from the producer to AFORA.

Payment fees

Payment fees are incurred for Shopify, the respective payment providers and for GLS Bank.


Online marketing, photo shootings (models, photographers and assistants) and general branding are summarized here.


All fixed costs, such as rent, employees other IT costs and our margin are summarized here.

Charitable organization

With every product sold, € 0.50 goes to a non-profit organization. You can find the details here.