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With every sold product 50 cents goes to the Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign is a network that campaigns for the rights of workers in the supply chains of the international fashion industry.

We want to promote an improvement of the working and living conditions for employees in the textile, sports, shoe and leather industry worldwide.



"Especially the cooperation between North and South is one of the great strengths of CCC. The workers in southern countries and the organisations and trade unions that support them are hardly able to implement campaigns against the international textile companies on their own".

Farhat Fatima 

CCC South Asian Regional Coalition & Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research

"What I find particularly impressive about the Clean Clothes Campaign is the worldwide cooperation, a network of organisations from so many corners of the world, driven by the will to change and made strong together".

Fabienne Winkler 

Consultant for business and human rights at Development Policy Network Saxony, Germany