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Materials and care instructions

Our high-quality fabrics are all made from natural raw materials. For the first products we have chosen 100% organic cotton.

Light Jersey, 100% organic cotton, weight = 200 g/m2

Heavy Jersey, 100% organic cotton, weight = 300g/m2

Twill-Gabardine, 100% organic cotton, weight = 130g/m2

We have consciously decided against elastane to avoid microplastic. Elastanes are chemical fibres with high elasticity. Cotton has a very low elasticity and is therefore more sensitive to creasing.

We do not mix fibres. 100% pure natural fiber is easy to recycle. Fiber blends are very difficult to not recyclable!



 WASH: Wash left! Cotton is very absorbent and therefore very heavy after washing. It can be pulled into shape immediately after washing. ATTENTION: Can shrink up to 3-5% after the first wash.

COLOUR: Use mild detergent without bleach. The colour is obtained from natural raw materials, so it is possible that the original colour will fade slightly after many washes. 


IRON: from the left! Do not iron over the logo print or logo embroidery. Cotton can be ironed at medium temperature (2 points on the iron). The neckline can be ironed back into shape after drying.


SKIN FRIENDLY: Cotton is very skin-friendly, soft and does not scratch. Its breathability prevents sweating and provides a pleasant feeling on the skin.

MATERIAL: The cultivation of organic cotton is strictly unchanged. This means that the seeds are not genetically treated and synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are not used in the cultivation. The fibre of organic cotton grows naturally and is not manipulated, as is the case with the majority of conventionally grown cotton. However, this also means that our material may have small fibre elevations or impurities.