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Hello – I am Tine.

Founder of AFORA.WORLD

I have been working in the fashion industry for 13 years now; I learned to be a tailor and garment technician, studied fashion design and gained some work experience. My dream has always been to start my own label and I dared to do so about 13 months ago.

That it should be fair, sustainable and transparent was clear to me. However, good craftsmanship has always been particularly important to me; good product processing techniques and very good quality fabrics are what make this difference.

The AFORA.WORLD is for you and for me and for all !

Write me also a personal message, I am looking forward to it!

Show consideration
Appreciate quality
Dare transparency

Fashion with consideration for what we love.

We strive to be fair in every respect - friendly towards our fellow humans, animals and our environment. We consider sustainability as a matter of course and not a marketing concept. That's why we exclusively use ecologically produced materials for our products, labels and hangtags. For packaging materials, we select the most eco-friendly options available.

For us, the concept of sustainability also determines how we deal with each other. Our relationships to partners, suppliers and manufacturers are based on trust, cohesion and longevity.


We come from a world of craftsmanship and we love our product. Our experience and passion goes into each individual design and the careful selection of materials and processing techniques.

Longevity is a form of sustainability and just because it's eco it doesn't have to look like it. Our designs are minimalist so there is something for everyone and you can make your own thing out of it.

We make simple and honest apparel without a big fuss.

We believe in trust, also when it comes to customer relationship.
That's why we want to make sure you have transparency about what you're buying, and provide you with all the information you need to make a conscious decision.
For each of our products you'll find these details in the transparency.

Design Details

Construction / Design

We show you in detail how the product is constructed. We disclose our technical drawing from front and back and dimension tables per product.


Supply chain / Material

For the first products we worked exclusively with one producer. Step by step others are added.

Get to know our Producer

Transparentes Pricing


We believe everyone has the right to know what they're paying for. We disclose the price chain for each product.