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"The only thing we do, is organic and certified!"

We work together with a Dutch-Turkish producer of organic and bamboo clothing. 

The production facility is located in Izmir, Western-Turkey. Izmir is located in the middle of the Aegan region, which is famous for its long and soft cotton fibres. The cotton fields are very close to the certified company, as are other sub-companies such as weaving, dyeing or embroidery companies.


The company exclusively produces ecological products and pays particular attention to fair working conditions.

Additionally, the company focuses on a sustainable and transparent supply chain. At Afora, we look forward to meeting the people involved in the production of our products, from growing the organic cotton to bagging and shipping. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do so until now due to the Corona crisis.

The company is certified by the Control Union Group according to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the Global Recycled Standards (GRS), the Organic Content Standard (OCS) and the Organic Blended Content Standard (OCS Blended). All stages of production are carried out in accordance with Control Union's sustainable production processes.

The mission

The reduction of our own CO2 footprint.

The GOTS certified company has been producing jerseys, sweats and woven products for children and adults since 2007. With around 95 employees and a membership of the Fairwear Foundation, the company submits to regular audits.

With a strong ecological consciousness the company has been working on keeping its own CO2 footprint as low as possible and on improving working conditions in the textile industry since its foundation.

"In 2017, together with the Eagean Forest Foundation, we calculated the CO2 footprint of all the company's cars and reduced it to zero by planting trees."

"We plan to plant about 1000 trees every year".



In summer of 2019 I (Christine Maria Metz, founder of AFORA) participated in the INNATEX (international trade fair for sustainable clothing) in Hofheim/ Taunus for the first time. There I met Aytac Polat, employee of Orimpex Organic Textiles.

After an extensive round of introduction, first of the producer himself and then of the idea of AFORA WORLD, we decided to work together.