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KATHA covers

Child beddings from Berlin

"We believe that every child deserves to dream.

We believe that children who are inspired have more beautiful dreams.

We believe that children who are inspired also inspire others.

 … Everyone can be a super dreamer if he believes in himself and let their dreams go!"



Upcycling Kidswear

Jimmi Wow is an upcycling label for children's fashion from Berlin. As designers we feel obliged to point out the madness of the fast fashion industry and to rethink fashion in a sustainable and circular way.

Therefore we use existing textiles of high quality to consider the environmental impact and the future of our children. All styles are handmade and unique, produced in Berlin.



"Drip Drop Solutions from Berlin

produce innovative knitwear and are incidentally inventors of the world's first Grinder Yo-Yo.

All products of the young label come from the EU and are made from sustainable materials.

So is the Yo-Yo: it is made in Brandenburg and consists of a composite of wood fibers and recycled bioplastics."



Dress with care | Sustainable bridal wear

„We break new ground and make bridal fashion sustainable. Our own collection is made of natural and recycled materials and is designed and manufactured in Bavaria.
We believe in the circle of fashion and want to give used wedding dresses a longer life. After the party is before the party. Our Second-Hand assortment contains many enchanting unique pieces with history.“



Timeless - high quality - sustainable - for babies & KIDS

>2017 Sarah Harfmann extended the ladies line with the baby and toddler collection harfmann piccolino. This collection is growing step by step and is intended to offer a wide variety of product groups in the long term. Currently, the selection consists of a small knitwear collection such as sweaters, slipovers, and baby blankets made of merino wool, which are manufactured in Berlin.

>In addition, there are jackets and dresses made of natural materials such as linen, cotton, and wool. harfmann piccolino combines sustainability with timeless and aesthetic design that appeals to both children and adults.



Upcycling Design

"Dzaino is a Berlin based upcycling label for bags and accessories. All bags are unique handmade items, produced in Berlin and made out of textile waste. The production of Dzaino bags is fair, transparent, local and social."



Streetwear from Berlin

""We create clothing which connects diverse parts of society and doesn't separate. Age, Gender, Profession, ethnical background and other definitions do not characterise the SAM LANG customer.

We think circular right from the beginning, by choosing certified ecological materials, high quality workmanship and design conceptual looks which are made to last".